MAVNet: Control from anywhere, share data with anyone.

Our technology is built around a patent-pending communication system called MAVNet. MAVNet is a novel system for communicating with unmanned vechicles, offering enhanced features that allow global control, multiple vehicle control, network latency tolerance and unmatched security.

Basic MAVNet Primer

Built for Virtually Unlimited Range

The Multimodal Autonomous Vehicle Network (MAVNet) is a communication system designed to operate unmanned vehicles with virtually unlimited range. As shown below, MAVNet is a true network, allowing vehicles and users multiple pathways to establish communication with each other. By leveraging commercial network providers we are able to provide global interconnectivity. As an extension of Mavlink, it works with the popular Pixhawk controller. MAVNet can be implemented with dedicated hardware (MAVNet Radio and our full Avionics package) or our free Android App.

Once your Pixhawk is connected to our cloud servers using one of our three adapter options, you can control your vehicle (or fleet of vehicles!) from anywhere in the world.

Redundant Global Coverage

MAVNet is based on patent-pending technology which enables the simultaneous use of multiple radios.

With our MAVNet Radio (coming soon!), simultaneously operating radios including Cellular LTE (Verizon® or AT&T®), Satellite (Iridium®) and a local Digital Data Link (Microhard® pDDL) give you connectivity everywhere and redundancy where you operate.

Operate on multiple network types

Not all networks are the same, MAVNet allows you to transition smoothly between different networks.

The MAVNet system will use any network available to ensure that you maintain connection. The patent-pending technology provides a level of autonomy which allows your vehicle to safely transition networks, move through areas of poor coverage or use networks with high latencies.

The MAVNet Cloud Server

MAVNet uses a central cloud server to route messages between vehicles and ground stations.

The server architecture allows a single pilot to control multiple vehicles, and vehicles can even subscribe to the data from other vehicles. The options for data sharing, fusion, real-time processing and more are endless.

Control is Key

We provide a simple to use but powerful browser-based ground control software which allows you to interact with your vehicle(s) from anywhere in the world.

All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser1. An Android GCS is also available. If you prefer to use your own ground control software solution, we encourage partners to add MAVNet compatability to their own apps using our simple RESTful API.

Operate From Anywhere

Pilot from anywhere, share data in real-time with anyone, or pilot a fleet of vehicles from anywhere.

Your data in the cloud

Our secure cloud infrastructure allows you to log telemetry data, record and retrieve video with the touch of a button, no more fumbling with SD cards and email to share your data.

Build your own

We provide a RESTful API so developers can build MAVNet into their own applications. It's easy to enable virtually unlimited range and leverage the powerful MAVNet cloud architecture for your customers.

Take The Next Steps

Learn how to add MAVNet capabilities into your vehicle.

Whether you need a professional communication platform or prefer an inexpensive Android cell phone to internet-enable your vehicle, we have you covered. Check out our integration options coming soon including the MAVNet Multimodal Radio, our fully integrated avionics solution and the MAVNet Adapter Android App.

1 We recommend Google Chrome web browser for the best compatability.